One day, On the Frozen Spears Mountain, Wyplash is walking along until he slips and falls. Zane is flying

Kai walking through the Sandy Desert of Death

around with the Ice Dragon. He flys by Wyplash. Wyplash falls into a Jack in the Box. The box starts rolling to the Sandy Desert of Death. Kai and Jay are walking. Jay runs ahead to the ancient tomb. Kai spins out of control and hits a rock. Stones start plumbling down a top rock. Kai walks right in front of them. Jay yells, "WATCH OUT!" Kai turns around seeing the rocks. He gets hit and gets covered in rocks. The rocks block the exit. A Skeleton walks out of the tomb. Garmadon and Luigi say, "What are
185px-Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 1 10 49 PM

Jay warning Kai about the falling rocks

you doing destroying are naps?!" Jay says, "Hey, Luigi! Are you from a different show?" Luigi says, "Heck no!" Jay says, "Just wondering." The Jack in the Box hits the rocks. They break apart. Wyplash falls out of the Jack in the Box. The sun beams down on Garmadon and Luigi. They walk back into the tomb and fall down. The door closes. Jay says, "Now! We have something else to deal with know! General Wyplash of the skulkins! You got to be kidding me!" Wyplash says, "Now don't get too..." He grabs

The Ice Dragon

the Jack in the Box and throws it at Jay. It captures Jay inside. Kai sticks his sword through the top. He cuts a hole in it. Jay gets out. Kai brings a strong blow at Wyplash. The Tomb falls down. They see the path goes longer. They start running down the cavern. Wyplash says, "Stop! Don't run away from me!" They reach a dead end. With two ways. A way that leaves to a hole that make them to an unknown place or another place that has Lucas at the end. Jay says, "That's the end of this Ninja suit!" He jumps into the hole. Kai jumps into the hole too. Wyplash says, "I lost them!" Lucas says, "They went down the hole, sir!" Wyplash says, "I may end up in a different place but it is good to try!" He jumps in the hole. He lands at the Ninja Training Center. He sees Kai and Jay enter. Zane,Cole, and Sensei Wu stand there waiting. Kai says, "I can explain." Wyplash says, "There's no reason to!"