One day, The Skull Truck went through the room of the portals between Ninjago and the Underworld. Wyplash

Garmadon watching the floor fall

says, "Truck Driver and Lucas, we are at war with ninjas! Turn up the power." Lucas says, "But we have 9 Motorbike Drivers with us!" Wyplash says, "We need to get the power back up, we need to survive the Whirl of the Underworld Portal!" Jay swings onto a motorbike. He grabs the motorbike driver and throws his off. Jay drives it up the Motorbike next to the Skull Truck. Jay runs it into the Skull Truck. Wyplash falls and grabs onto the wheel. The Skull Truck goes foward and then at the Motorbike.

Kai wielding the golden sword

The key falls onto the motorbike. The Skull Truck hits the motorbike. It flies into a ditch. Jay gets up covered in muddy water. He grabs the key and starts walking. Wyplash sees the portal. The fire lashes out sending them fastly through the portal. The Three Motorbike falls to its death. Lucas says, "General Wyplash, we lost a motorbiker!" Wyplash comes through the end. The portal falls down, the motorbikes lands on ground. Kai and Nya came out of the prison. Kai pulls out his sword. Garmadon

Garmadon's Fortress

runs into the fortress and jumps onto his throne. Kai,Nya, and Jay come in. The floor falls beneath them. The Three Ninjas fall to there death.