One day, Motored Skulkins Day has arrived. Garmadon says, "I can't believe it's Motored Skulkins Day

Garmadon when he gets mad

already! We're going to have to celebrate 9 skeletons. But we lost 2 already!" Wyplash and Nuckal says, "Truley sad!" The Fourth Skulkin Motorbike Driver comes in. Perry comes in with him. Garmadon says, "Perry, there is one reason we had to arrest you, one of our skulkin officers. You planed to kill me. Your the reason we lost the third Skulkin Motorbike driver. You put a run block in front of the motorbike. He hit it and fell to his death. Captain Com comes in. He says, "Garmadon! We have the real skulkin person that killed the

The Skulkin Mob

Third Skulkin Motorbike Driver! Wyplash! He sent a laser from his truck hiting the tire. With the lost of power it went into the Skull Truck sending it flying through the portal!" Garmadon says, "General Wyplash? A killer? You're kidding me!" Com says, "I'm not kidding my lord." Wyplash hits Com and he falls down. Wyplash jumps into the Skull Truck. The Skull Truck Driver says, "What did you do this time?!" Garmadon and the other skeletons come out. Wyplash says, "Nothing! Now drive!!" The Skull Truck

The Skull Motorbike

goes up the portal. They fly into Ninjago. They crash into the Blacksmith Shop. Nya says, "COME...ON!" Garmadon says, "Nya, where did they go?!" Nya says, "You tried to kill my brother! I'm not telling you anything!" Wyplash says, "Nya is making sure I do not get arrest!" The Truck Driver says, "Hey, where is Lucas?" Wyplash says, "In the Skulkin Mob!" Wyplash pushes a button. The Shredder Motorbike is released. It has spikes on it's front roller and back roller. Chopov starts runing but then stops. Chopov says, "Wait! Don't leave me here. The mob runs at the Shredder Motorbike. The Skull Truck stops at a gas station. Garmadon comes out dressed as a Pumper. He gets onto the Skull Truck. He says, "Wyplash, you will pay!"


  • Kai (Mentioned)