Wyplash says, "Ninjas, you're been a miniature spike in my butt for all of today. But now...i've got you!" He

Wyplash going to the Ninja Hideout

takes them to Garmadon. Garmadon says, "General Wyplash, i'm going to rank you up. You're now Lord Wyplash!" Bonezai and Chopov come in. Chopov says, "Good job, Lord Wyplash!" Garmadon says, "Now, put them in our prison!" They go into the prison. Kai says, "Great, where in prison!" George and Lucas fall down dead. Nya walks in. Nya holds the key. Kai says, "Great. Now unlock us!" They come out. Garmadon says, "Hey, what are you doing?" Nya says, "Rescuing my

Garmadon's Fortress

brother and his ninja friends!" They run out of the prison. They see a boat at the dock. They get on it and plan there escape. Cole starts the boat. They start runing away from the Fortress. Garmadon says, "You two get into the boat." They zoom off. Wyplash says, "Where running a little bit behind the map." Garmadon says, "What?" Wyplash points at the boat. It hits the back of the Ninja Boat. It explodes. Garmadon says, "Oh, great!" The boat turns around and heads to shore. Jay says,

Zane & Jay

"Take that Evil Skeleton Guy!" Garmadon says, "The name is Lord Garmadon!" Jay says, "Right, your name is Lord Garmadon. I thought he was the Lord." Garmadon says, "Where both Lords!" Wyplash says, "That's Right!"