One day, Garmadon was siting in on his throne. Wyplash comes up. He says, "What happen to the Ninjas?"
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Jay entering the Caves of Despair

Kai and Jay wake up seeing Nya and two other nurses healing them. Jay says, "What Happened?" Jay starts falling. Nya catches him and pulls him up. Nya says, "We fell into the lava in Garmadon's Fortress..." Kai says, "We all where knocked out, be we won't burnt!" Back at the Fortress, Garmadon says, "I didn't capture the Ninjas! I want you to find them Wyplash!" Wyplash gets into the Skull Truck. The Skull Truck Driver and Lucas get in. They rush into Ninjago. Nya is sharping the Ninjas'
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Zane warning Jay

swords. Jay and Kai look over the mountains. A portal opens as the Skull Truck comes out. Kai and Jay take off there outfits. Jay turns the OPEN sign to CLOSED. The crowd walks away. The Skull Truck comes runing at the Blacksmith Shop. Kai and Jay see it. The giant hand launcehs at them. The Blacksmith Shop falls down. The map falls down and Jay grabs it. Jay,Kai, and Nya get onto a motorbike and zoom out. Luigi and George block the Signal. They pull down the switch blocking there escape.

The Earth Dragon blocking Wyplash

Jay,Kai, and Nya zoom through the switch. The Skull Truck runs after them. Wyplash looks at them and he sees they don't have ninja outfits. Wyplash says, "Where after the wrong people, turn this puppy around!" The Skull Truck turns around. Kai says, "They don't think were ninjas, cause were not wearing the ninja suits!" They get under the Skull Truck. They get sucked in by a tube at the bottom. Jay,Kai, and Nya look around. Jay pulls out at a sword. He cuts the Control Wire. Without the Contol Wire, they go into the wrong portal. They enter the Cave of Despair. Infront of the cave entrance, Cole stands there with a dragon. Wyplash walks to Cole, pushing him out of the way. Jay runs in. He runs at Wyplash activing the Power Tornado. Zane runs in. He yells, "JAY, WATCH OUT!" Jay crashes into the Crystal Stand. The Crystal flys around. It hits Jay in the head. He falls down knocked out. Wyplash says, "I guess i'll take him, and this crystal." He throws Jay into the vehicle. Wyplash gets into the Skull Truck and drives away.