One day, Cole was driving to the Ice Cave of Frozen Temptations. Then, the Skull Truck turns into a driving

Wyplash's second in command ready to turn the Skull Truck around

boat. Wyplash says, "Ninjas, we're coming at you!" Cole turns around. Wyplash hits the boat with a golden mace. Wyplash says, "Take that ninja jerks!" Cole says, "We're not jerks!" Wyplash's second in command turns the skull truck around and takes off. Wyplash says, "Don't leave without me!" Cole hits him in the head. Wyplash falls down on the ground. They pull Wyplash into the Ice Cave of Frozen Temptations. An Ice Spike falls on the ground. Cole jumps over it, launching Wyplash in the
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Cole driving the ninja boat

air. He hits the Ice Spike holding the Ice Mace. The Ice Mace falls off leaving holes in the Ice Spike setting off an alarm. The Ice Dragon breaks out of the ice cell. Cole yells, "DRAGON!" The Ice Dragon takes the mace in his hand raising it high in the air. He smashes it on the frozen ground. Wyplash wakes up. He sees the Ice Dragon. Wyplash says, "Mama Luigi, that's one heck of a dragon!" Kai says, "Who's Mama Luigi?" Zane says, "Who cares? He sounds like he's from a different show!" The dragon chases them out of the cave. They

The Skull Truck heading to the Frozen Waters

jump onto the boat. Wyplash trips and falls into the frozen waters. Cole pulls Wyplash up. Kai says, "What can we do? He's frozen!" The dragon starts swiming after the boat. Cole starts the boat. The boat starts motoring down the frozen waters. The dragon gets a hold of the top pulling him along. They see a waterfall. The dragon jumps onto the boat. Sensei Wu pets the dragon. Kai says, "What the heck in going on!" Sensei Wu says, "Claming the Ice Dragon!" Kai says, "Wonderful!" Cole starts the boat and drives over the waterfall. They land and see Wyplash on the land. The Skull Truck comes up with a Skull Moterbike with it. Wyplash gets on the Skull Truck. Wyplash says, "Goodbye, Ninja Losers!"